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Gokart Resource Center

MXK Racing Karts
MXK Recreational Yark Karts
4 Cycle Gokart Engines
Gokart Frame Parts for building a gocart.
Gokart and ATV plans - build your own gokart or ATV
Link to GoKartPlans.Com

MXK HotShot Raceway and Driving School
MXK Raceway Track Infomation
Introduction to Gokart Racing

MXK Hotshot Raceway Photos


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Puts you in the 'Drivers Seat'

We offer a wide variety of driving experiences.

* Asphalt Oval (small)- MXK HotShot Raceway
* Asphalt Oval (medium)- MXK HotShot Raceway (click for Video)
* Asphalt Oval (large)- MXK HotShot Raceway
* Asphalt Road Course - MXK HotShot Raceway

Introductions to Karting
Arrive and Drive
Private Driving Lessons
Spec Clone Racing in Western New York - (NYKA.US)

Have your own kart? Rent the Track
Call Today 716.674.9494

NYKA Spec Clone - MXK Sprint Racing KartGokart Race Track Sign

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